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Your Channel, Our Resources
All mutually beneficial Channel programs begin with a simple premise; relationships are a valuable long-term investment. If your business relationships provide a logical stepping off point to recommend Site2 services, we welcome the chance to talk.

The Site2 Channel Program is two-tiered. The distinction gives professionals with different business models an opportunity to develop a highly profitable revenue stream and help their client’s protect their most vital business asset… their data.

1. The Site2 Channel Partner Program-This is a high-level collaboration.
As a Partner you have the opportunity to maintain an independent relationship with your client, while leveraging an existing, premier infrastructure from Site2. We are looking to build long lasting, trusted Partner relationships for the benefit of our Partner’s clients.

2. The Site2 Reseller Program-This is a growth opportunity.
As a Reseller, you also benefit from our robust backup solution without the associated ownership and support commitment. Agents are directly backed by an established sales and marketing team to help them achieve their revenue goals

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