Managed IT

Site2 provides comprehensive managed IT solutions – not just off-the-shelf cookie-cutter tools. Our consultants and engineers will work with your team to design and pull together services and resources needed for a solution that meets your specific IT needs and objectives.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – from general productivity and financial tools such as Microsoft Office and Intuit QuickBooks, to industry specific software such as Chiro9000, Adobe Illustrator, and Vision InfoSoft, we can host, patch, upgrade, and maintain any full-featured desktop and server application that your organization needs to be productive.
  • Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) – gone are the days of buying and building your own hardware.  Site2’s IaaS platform provides managed VMware Virtual Machines (VMs), High-Performance Storage and Network services for a monthly subscription fee.  On-demand scalability and resource provisioning means you get as many VMs, as much storage and as much band width as you need, when you need it.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) – a managed DRaaS service means you are assured recover-ability.  When a disaster strikes, you won’t hold your breath hoping your backups worked.  Site2’s engineers are available 24/7 to assist you with the recovery expertise you’ll need.

We understand that change can be difficult.  We’ve worked with business owners and IT managers alike to help ensure that we craft an IT solution that meets technology goals and financial ones.  Along the way, we’ve addressed many concerns.  Recognize any of these?:

Feeling Out of Control.
Moving to the cloud shouldn’t mean that you lose control over your company’s data and systems. Our administrator consoles mean that you can retain the ability to provision desktops, servers, applications and resources. The difference is that you have virtually unlimited, on-demand resources to choose from instead of buying, building and maintaining it on your own.

Private. Secure. Safe.
Site2’s Managed IT platform is in a secure private cloud. Unlike public clouds where anyone with a credit card can gain access, the Site2 cloud allows only fully vetted businesses access to our services – keeping the malware and bad actors out. Site2 delivers a complete and secure cloud experience fit for an Enterprise.

Ensuring cost savings.
Getting a return on any investment is critical. While some cloud computing white papers promise staggering cost savings, we prefer to take a more calculated and conservative approach. Migrating to managed and hosting solutions doesn’t typically happen overnight. The improvements, and the savings, come over time, as you migrate, integrate and replace. We will help you to develop an ROI model that makes sense leveraging our many success stories.

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