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HP recently announced it is splitting its PC and Printing business away from its Enterprise Services business. The announcement serves as a strong indicator that cloud computing is here to stay and highlights the importance of teaming with a partner that allows you to focus on your core competencies.

When Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard launched HP from a California garage nearly 75 years ago, it was unlikely that they envisioned these two tech trends would impact the company they founded:

  1. Workforce Mobility – businesses and consumers alike are choosing mobility solutions like laptops, tablets and smartphones, both for the accessibility and the work-life balance. These trends are reducing the prevalence of desktop computers.
  2. Utility computing – the datacenter remains at the heart of enterprise computing. But with tremendous data growth and the need for on-demand computing, business of all sizes are turning to cloud computing for access to scalable big-data storage, turn-key security and compliance and business continuity platforms.

Ultimately, the split may prove to be a success or a failure for HP and its investors. The story, though, has greater implications. The bottom line is computing is changing and you need a partner to help navigate the unpredictable landscape of technology.

Site2’s management team takes a very selective approach to vendor acquisition. Our goal is to identify solution providers that enable us to respond to customer needs and focus on our respective core competencies. This allows us to better serve our customers.

HP’s news is a good thing. It validates the investment Site2 made into building our cloud computing environment. Trust Site2 to provide a secure private cloud environment so you can get back to doing what you do best. If this news excites you, then it’s probably worth investigating what Site2 has to offer.