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The IRS issued a warning on a FBI and IRS ransomware scam taking computer data hostage. 

The scam uses the IRS and FBI crests.  The letter asks the user to complete the questionnaire and click the “here”  link.  This link will download a ransomware that will prevent the user from accessing data stored on their device unless they pay the money.

IRS stated do not pay the ransom, the scammers usually will not provide the decryption key after the ransom is paid.  Immediately report any ransomware attempt or attack to the FBI at the Internet Crime Complaint Center, www.IC3.gov and forward any IRS-themed scams to phishing@irs.gov.

Below is the sample letter:


Remember that the IRS does not use email, text messages or social media to discuss personal tax issues, such as those involving bills or refunds.