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2018 Cybersecurity Concerns

Cyber threats are always evolving as cyber criminals become more savvy and people let their guards down by depending more and more on technology.  Here are some of the trending threats for 2018 that companies need to protect themselves from:

  • Power shell based attacks – scripts that will control the companies server.  It is easy for cyber criminals to bypass the antivirus engines with these scripts.
  • Security software –  Hackers will intercept and redirect security traffic to gain what information they want.
  • Worms – (gross!!) Cyber criminals will use worms to launch malware.  The worms spread faster and can affect a larger number of victims.

Every year there are new breaches. Companies need to make sure they have a cyber security program in place.  Included should be employee trainings, weekly updates and patches to your systems, vulnerability scans, penetration tests and much more.  Your company’s trust is based on its ability to maintain the security and privacy of your customers.  Site2 can help with you create your cyber security program.  To learn more about our employee training and security tests, contact Aimee today at 1-877-748-3896, ext. 5313.

Holiday Scams

This is the time of year we think about donating to charities.  Cyber criminals take advantage of this and create scams.  The scammers will use social media to ask for donations.  Please be cautious because scammers will pretend to be employees from major charities.  You can verify a charity on the Federal Trade Commission website.  Please type in your browser www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0074-giving-charity.

Holiday Online Shopping Safety Tips

Here are a few tips to make sure you are shopping online safely.

  • Create a strong password for each online shopping account
  • Choose different passwords for each online account
  • Always checkout as a guest to bypass saving credit card information online
  • Check for the lock symbol in the browser –
  • Never shop when you are connected to public Wi-Fi
  • Keep all devices software up to date

Remember: Think Before you Click on any Links in your email.