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All of these organizations were in the news this past month and it wasn’t all good news.  Each of these organizations announced that they experienced a hacking event or data breach.  Millions of employee and client records including sensitive personal information have been exposed in the process.  It seems your data isn’t safe anywhere.

Most organizations invest in their Blue Team – the internal or vendor IT support folks who put up firewalls, install anti-virus and require strong passwords.  They have the best intentions of keeping the bad guys out.  But how do they know they have all bases covered?  They need someone to test them, and it shouldn’t be the actual bad guys.

Red Team exercises are tests performed by white hat, ethical hackers to help validate your organization’s security posture.  Red Teams perform vulnerability assessments and perform penetration tests to identify gaps in security controls.  They also work closely with your Blue Team to orchestrate tests that simulate a hack or virus to see how key members of the organization react and respond.

These exercises can be as controlled and non-invasive as you like.  But the closer you can come to the real thing, the more your learn and the more prepared your organization and your Blue Team will be.

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