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For over 8 years, Site2 and RackTop have partnered to provide secure online backup and recovery services collaborating to create the Enterprise Backup & Recovery (EBR) appliance.  Now, as cyber security risks continue to grow, and data privacy is increasingly demanded of the C-suite, the partnership is expanding to deliver NIST SP 800-171 cyber security compliant solutions.

  • High Performance and Scalable VDI – securely conduct business from anywhere.  Healthcare staff needs secure access to critical information as they move from room to room and location to location.  Financial organizations would like quicker and easier audits for regulators.  Government organizations must comply with policy and regulatory demands including FIPS 140-2 certified encryption.  Solution – Virtual Desktops (VDI) leveraging RackTop’s Secure Data Protection Platform (SDP2).  SDP2 solves all 19 data storage and data management related control requirements in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication (SP) 800-171. 
  • Managed SOC Services – security requires a team effort.  Every employee is on the front line of that defense.  Security Operation Center (SOC) are at the heart of any cyber security program.  Yet most small and mid-sized organizations struggle to acquire the resources needed to properly orchestrate meaningful monitoring, alerting, response and remediation.  Managed SOC Services from Site2 provide Racktop and Site2 clients alike with the monitoring, management and alerting controls in NIST SP 800-171.

“Our friends at RackTop Systems have long been on the cutting edge of security innovation”, said Marc Gonzalez, Chief Information Security Officer at Site2. “Expanding our partnership beyond secure backup into NIST compliant storage solutions will help us to better serve our clients by simplifying their storage controls and simultaneously improving their overall security posture”.

“We are pleased to partner with Site2 as more organizations are required to meet the NIST standards and go through 3rd party auditing. Site2 is making it easier than ever for organizations to get and remain compliant. And, Site2 is offering a solution that is beyond a compliance checkbox; they are truly offering data protection and security against cyberattacks, insider threats and malware and eliminating the need for customer organizations to have to hire an maintain a staff of security experts.” said Jonathan Halstuch, CTO of RackTop Systems.

About RackTop Systems
RackTop Systems is a leading provider of high-performance Software-Defined Storage embedded with advanced security, encryption and compliance that empowers both government and commercial organizations. With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, RackTop’s flagship product, BrickStor, is an all-in-one data storage and management platform that protects sensitive data from cyberattacks while meeting internal and regulatory compliance requirements. Fully configurable and flexible to handle growing data needs, the platform enables enterprises to easily create shared, distributed storage resources—reducing cost and complexity, optimizing operations and improving security. Headquartered in Fulton, Maryland, RackTop was founded in 2010 by veterans of the U.S. intelligence community who have been solving the most complex data and security problems for more than two decades. RackTop’s technology has been deployed at numerous organizations in a variety of industries worldwide, including government/DoD/public sector, media/advertising and entertainment, financial services, healthcare, higher education and life sciences, among others. For more information, visit www.racktopsystems.com and follow on Twitter: @RackTop.

About Site2
Site2 is a data management and managed services provider founded in January 2005.  Our founders started the company as a risk mitigation and disaster recovery services firm.  Site2 has grown to be a leader in comprehensive cyber security, data management, and regulatory compliance solutions.  Site2 has experts in data storage, disaster recovery, virtualization and security operations.  We meet clients’ present and growing technology needs for a business world demanding mobility, scalability and affordability.  Regardless of where the data is, or where a client would like it to be, Site2 helps clients remain in control as it grows, is shared, and is depended upon, and will help improve their bottom line in doing so.   Site2’s team has achieved organizational level accreditations and recognition based on the training, certifications and years of practical experience of its team members.  This breadth of expertise allows us to deliver best of bread, custom solutions for our clients – a point of differentiation over generic, out-of-the-box products from other providers.  For more information, visit www.site2.com.