About Us

Delivering the vision of our founders

In 2004, our founders joined forces with a vision of delivering a core set of enterprise class IT services to the small and mid-sized organization.  Their plan for managed Virtual Core Services, or vCore, preceded today’s “cloud computing” era.

Building on a foundation of over 50 years of combined experience in systems support, datacenter architecture, privacy and compliance, the company joined forces with Diversified Information Technologies Inc. (DIT) in 2006 allowing for nationwide expansion.  During this time, the company also garnered recognition as Northeastern Pennsylvania’s exclusive Wall Street West Company.

December of 2008, the divestiture from DIT formed Site2. This was the catalyst to the expansion of our vCore services beyond recovery and compliance into managed security services.  With a renewed focus, Site2 relocated its corporate headquarters to its present location Clarks Summit, PA.

The future is bright for Site2 including growth beyond it’s Pennsylvania headquarters to now having facilities and team members in New Jersey, Virginia, and Maryland.  With clients nationwide, the firm continues to expand while continuing to deliver personalized support for its clients.

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Differentiation is at the (Virtual) Core of Site2’s Services

Site2 provides the key building blocks for organizations to leverage technology to improve productivity, flexibility and security.

Productivity.  Many “cloud” services are designed for the consumer or sole proprietor.  The employees in a small to mid-sized business cannot remain productive if they are hampered by products and services designed for a single user or single computer.  Site2’s solutions are enterprise class productivity and collaboration platforms configured for any size organization.

Mobility.  Where is your office?  Home? Work? Client site? Vendor site?  Disaster recovery site? Perhaps all of the above.  Employees at large corporations and enterprises take mobility for granted.  Laptops, VPN access, company smartphones, and tightly integrated systems are often the norm in Fortune 500 companies.  Site2’s hosted applications and virtual desktops bring that level of mobility and flexibility to any sized workforce.

Security.  Confidentiality, integrity and availability are the cornerstones of Site2’s services.  All of our services are managed and monitored by our Security Operations Center (SOC).  Likewise, our consulting team of “White Hat” hackers perform Red Team exercise for clients looking for vulnerability assessments, penetration tests and exploitation exercises.

Site2 specializes in serving the computing needs of clients in highly regulated industries who are concerned about where the data resides and how it is cared for.  As a result, Site2 does not mass market its services.  We rely on client testimonials, referrals and case studies to speak on our behalf.  There is no substitute for customer satisfaction.

Industry Affiliations and Distinctions:

  • The Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII)
  • Cybersecurity and IT Security Professional Organization (ISC)2
  • Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)
  • The Center for Internet Security (CIS)
  • Managed Service Provider (MSP) Alliance
  • The Pennsylvania State University Information Sciences and Technology Advisory Council