Cybersecurity assessments

Every cybersecurity effort should begin with an assessment.

It is by far the most important first  step in protecting your organization, whether you’re facing a cybersecurity audit today or planning for the future. 

Site2 begins each project with a deep-dive assessment on your current digital infrastructure to help you understand where things are today and where they need to go in order to be compliant or simply secure, and well-positioned for what the future might bring. We’ll measure your organization against the desired or recommended frameworks for compliance that are unique to your industry.

If you’ve identified any of these threats in your organization, it’s time to schedule a consultation with our team by calling 570-558-5660: 

      • Increased security incidents 
      • Compliance challenges 
      • Outdated technology 
      • Slow response times from your current provider 
      • Limited MSSP flexibility and scalability 
      • Employee productivity and user experience declines

It’s important to regularly evaluate your cybersecurity posture, assess the effectiveness of your existing processes, and stay informed about emerging threats and industry trends. Site2 can do this for you — and more — with white glove service and tailored security strategies that go beyond compliance for your industry as well as the unique needs of your business. 

Our security assessment process uses a variety of techniques, including:

Vulnerability Assessments

(measure security posture)

Vulnerability management begins with an assessment of your organization’s security posture against known threats.  It’s important to know what adversaries already know about the gaps in your defenses.

Penetration Testing

(pre-compromise testing)

With vulnerabilities in hand, our ethical hackers work to exploit security gaps to demonstrate a path towards compromising your systems and your data.  Pen testing helps identify the layered defense required to thwart adversaries.

Adversary Emulations

(post-compromise testing)

Once systems are compromised, an adversary will seek to control and maintain access.  These exercises emulate specific adversary profiles and require close collaboration with internal resources to measure and improve controls.

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