Availability Solutions

Where is my backed up data? Can my employees access it when recovered?  Can your clients afford to wait for an answer?

Your organization is unique including its tolerance for system downtime.  Site2 has solutions that address your unique availability needs.  More importantly, we work side by side with you through the recovery process.

Managed Recovery.

When a disaster strikes, many organizations need help with recovery.  Site2 provides those customers with Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).  We support you step by step  through the recovery process.  What was once a corporate luxury, managed disaster recovery services are available as an essential due diligence component of any business plan.

Selecting the best tool for the job requires training, experience and understanding.  We’ve done the research so that our customers can pick from a short list of the industry’s best products including:

  • Asigra Cloud Backup™  – highly secure, enterprise class backup & recovery platform for the recovery of files, databases and entire systems including servers, PC’s, tablets and even smartphones.
  • Veeam® – backup & replication for virtual environments including VMware and Hyper-V; facilitates seamless VM fail-overs to our managed recovery environments.
  • VMware® – high-availability business applications deserve high-availability hosting and recovery platforms; replicate your VMware farm to ours, or migrate to our HA recovery platform.
  • Racktop® Systems – purpose-built, on-premises Enterprise Backup & recovery Appliances (EBR) provide a local recovery option including pre-configured backup software, on-board backup storage capacity and connectivity to off-site cloud storage.

Availability for The “Always-On” Enterprise.

Site2’s availability planners and systems engineers help organizations of all sizes and budgets to:

  1. Identify mission critical, operational and archive-able data (not all data is created equally)
  2. Select the best tools and techniques to protect that data and achieve the desired Recovery Point (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO)
  3. Deploy, monitor and maintain the selected solution, locally and in the cloud
  4. 24/7 disaster declaration support – we’ll always be here for you when you need help recovering!!

Availability when and where you need it.

Depending on the incident, you may need a variety of options for availability. Our solutions can incorporate one or more strategies:

  • Managed IT solutions – when a disaster strikes your office or facility, your clients don’t need to be affected.  By having systems and business applications hosted and managed in the Site2 cloud, your organization keeps serving its customers even in the wake of a disaster.
  • Hybrid solutions – your CFO will tell you that moving to the cloud can’t happen all at once.  “That new system hasn’t reached end of life!”  No problem.  Site2’s hybrid approach to Infrastructure-as a Service (IaaS) and Managed IT Solutions allows you to migrate systems to a managed platform in a phased approach, as they reach end of life.
  • Software as a Services (SaaS) and/or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – you can leverage your own equipment or ours, based on your budget and needs. Site2 has dedicated servers and VM farms available to be leveraged for hosting, fail-overs and recovery.
  • Our facilities and/or your facilities – our tools and solutions can support a hybrid recovery model allowing you to benefit from complimentary tools and geographical separation.

We help our clients develop an Availability strategy from scratch, or we help them test and fill in the gaps of their existing plan. Contact us today to schedule a Free analysis of your availability needs.