Innovative Education

Education is the leading sector in adopting cloud and virtual technologies, with an expected growth rate of 24% year over year through 2020.

The cloud is here to stay due to the mobile, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) campuses of today. Students are taking notice of the education institutions that are not only positioning their campuses as technology leaders but how they will be able to leverage their choices’ technology to better prepare them for post secondary education and beyond.

In addition to improved learning environments, this explosive growth rate is further explained in that these technologies also result in much lower and predictable IT costs. Typical sector concerns of student data retention, public school budgetary constraints and private school’s competitive environment in attracting top student talent are minimized with these technology improvements.

Virtual Labs, Classrooms, & Campuses

Today’s leading private schools share one thing in common, the technology investments they are making for students and faculty alike.

  • Support the mobile campus of today, allowing students 24x7x365 access to education
  • Offer very secure cloud based technologies where you maintain complete control of your data
  • Introduce the concept of virtual computer labs, eliminating major recurring PC and hardware costs

Record Retention & Archiving

Control of your students’ data, peace of mind, and compliance are paramount when researching the best partner to deliver a Record Retention & Archiving services.

Meet your strict compliance regulations regarding data retention and recovery

  • Meet or exceed your budgetary goals
  • Increase your competitive position within the industry
  • Free your IT team to focus on technology improvements, not burdensome routine tasks

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