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The following FAQs provide introductory information to our services.  Please contact us for more detailed questions.



1.1. What platforms are supported?
SourceCopy has full agentless support for a range of network platforms.
— OS support: Mac OS X; VMware; Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 2003; Novell NetWare; IBM AIX; SUN Solaris; HP-UX, HP-Tru64 UNIX; IBM iSeries OS-400; Red Hat Linux, UBUNTU Linux, Suse Linux; and Novell.
— Application and databases: Microsoft SQL Server, Outlook & Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2010; Oracle 8 & above; IBM DB2, Lotus Notes/Domino Server; MySQL; PostgreSQL; XenSource; Novell Groupwise and SAP; all file level data.

1.2. Do I need to install software on every server I intend to backup?
No.  Our software is agentless – it can be installed on one computer on your network, or we can deliver a purpose built server with the software pre-installed.  Either way, the software only needs to be installed on one device which will reach out to and backup all other devices on your network.

1.3.  How do I protect laptops?
We have a special ‘thin’ software agent designed just for laptops.  By having software directly on a the laptop, it will be backed up where ever it goes as long as it has an Internet connection, including Wi-fi at your local coffee shop, at a hotel abroad or at your client’s residence.

1.4.  Why is Government Certified Encryption important to me?
As a business, you are entrusted valuable information about your clients and your employees.  Employee information can include payroll, healthcare and legal information.  These records demand the highest level of protection.  A data breach of this information, especially the healthcare data, can result in stiff penalties and public embarrassment.  Government Certified Encryption in compliance with the NIST’s FIPS 140-2 guidelines can provide Safe Harbor from these penalties and scrutiny.

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2.1. How do I initiate a recovery?
Since security and privacy are at the hart of all our solutions, only you can initiate a recovery.  Through a centralized console that will be install on one or more computers within your organization, you will be able to begin the recovery process.  This process will adhere to all of the security controls you have already established for you network, so that you do not need to compromise anyone’s privacy.

2.2. To what computers can I restore my data?
Our solutions provide you tremendous flexibility with recovery.  You can recover to computers in one of your facilities, one of our facilities, or even at a third party location.  Restores can be accomplished by leveraging local, offsite, or archived backups.

2.3. I can’t afford to have redundant equipment.  What do you suggest?
Secondary equipment is a luxury not many small and medium sized companies can afford.  Site2’s shared risk recovery environment provides economies of scales, reducing your risk without the capital expense of dedicated disaster recovery equipment.  Like an insurance policy, you reserve equipment just in case a disaster strikes, and test it once a year to make sure it meets your needs.

2.4. I do have secondary equipment, but no longer want the expense of a secondary facility.  What do you suggest?
Our co-location services allow you to benefit from our resilient datacenters without the capital and operational expenses.

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3.1.  What core business applications does Site2 host today?
In addition to our secure backup application, Site2 hosts the Microsoft Exchange 2010 e-mail platform.  The expertise and expense required to manage this corporate email platform can be significantly saved by entrusting Site2 to manage this system for you.  The solution is sold by the mailbox, allowing you to scale based on your evolving employee base.

3.2. What future plans does Site2 have for future application hosting services?
In the first quarter of 2012, Site2 will add SharePoint hosting.  In addition, 2012 plans include a hosted desktop platform that will allow businesses to upgrade to the Windows 7 desktop operating system without the expense of new hardware and software licensing.

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