Hospitals and Medical Networks

Institutional Grade Solutions.

Hospitals and medical networks rely on highly secure, corporate and institutional data centers to maintain near 100% uptime and availability of its patient records and business operations.  Downtime is not acceptable.

Site2 delivers the best of breed products and services to these demanding organizations.  Designed to reduce risk and increase operational efficiencies, the following services are designed with the corporate facility in mind:

Enterprise Backup and Recovery.

Site2 delivers complete end-to-end backup solutions on-premises in the hospital’s data center(s).  Our architects and engineers work with your IT department to package a solution to meet your various Recovery Time (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).  Elements of the solution include:

  • Storage Area Networks (SANS) – built with resiliency and fault-tolerance stability to guarantee uptime
  • VMware vSphere Private Cloud – a computing platform designed for lowering costs, improving efficiency and virtually eliminating downtime
  • Compliant Encryption – FIPS 140-2 U.S. government certified and HIPAA compliant encryption of all data
  • Device agnostic – protect data that resides on any device and platform including Windows, Linux, IBM i-Series, MAC, Android, VMware and Hyper-V
  • Integrity and recoverability – integrity and validation checks ensure recover-ability; no surprises
  • Reporting and Alerting – activity reports, audit trails and proactive alerting ensure compliance and manageability

Secure In-house or Hosted Private Email.

Site2 specializes in delivering Microsoft Exchange Enterprise email solutions.  Your deployment can be either on-premises (in your enterprise datacenter) or Hosted (in a Site2 HIPAA compliant datacenter).  Regardless of the deployment model, the solution provides the security and compliance features expected from the most demanding enterprise.

  • Secure connectivity – using TLS and HTTPS encryption from the mailbox to the server keeps out the “snoopers”
  • HIPAA Compliance – legal hold, journaling, eDiscovery and archiving for every mailbox keeps the auditors satisfied
  • World class encryption – HIPAA compliant, FIPS 140-2 email encryption secures email content until delivered to the intended recipient
  • Anti-SPAM and Anti-VIRUS – minimize your risk of viruses and keep the mail flowing; dramatically reduce email overhead
  • Immediate message level backup – sent or received, every email is instantly protected in 2 secure, geographically separated datacenters
  • Administrative Console – stay in control; add or remove email accounts within minutes of a hire or termination

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