Our team of engineers specialize in supporting the strict regulations of the Financial Services and Healthcare industries. Yet over the years we have grown as an organization to support a wealth of industries, the needs of their leaders as well as those of their employees. Some of those industries include:


Ultimately, our goal is to be considered an extension of your operating team, supporting your daily needs with exceptional service, and helping to achieve your short term as well as long term objectives, regardless of what industry you are in. The following are profiles of typical Site2 customers:

The IT Manager/CIO

  • Wants to retain control
  • Is looking for the latest tools and technology to improve productivity
  • Is looking to reduce daily support burdens
  • Manages a tight, business driven IT budget

The Business Owner/President

  • Strives to improve business results and profitability
  • Is concerned equally about customer and employee satisfaction
  • Wants good PR, not bad press from data breaches

The CFO/Compliance Officer

  • Needs to understand a project’s Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Understand the cost implications of failed audits, penalties and fines
  • Doesn’t like to be blind-sided by unplanned expenses

The requirements placed on small to medium businesses are not that different than those governing large, international firms. Yet the ability to accomplish these goals may far exceed the capacity of their infrastructure. Site2’s services and solutions help to bridge that gap and level the playing field for organizations of all sizes.