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Security Orchestration and Response (SOAR)

Security orchestration and response (SOAR) strategies are where your in-house team and our expert security consultants come together. It combines security information and event management (SIEM), endpoint detection and response (EDR), antivirus software, and network monitoring and management into a comprehensive security solution that augments the resources of your existing technology team by partnering with our security expertise. For companies that offer flexible or remote work arrangements, SOAR is an essential part of your technology infrastructure. 

Why implement SOAR?

SOAR services automate and streamline your security and technology operations, enabling your organization to respond to incidents more efficiently. It’s one of the things Site2 does best as we partner with organizations who may already have some infrastructure in place, but need support to scale and secure their operations more effectively and efficiently without the need for added headcount. With an integrated approach to security tools and processes, SOAR: 

  • Reduces the manual effort needed by your team
  • Minimizes response times
  • Improves your overall operational efficiency
  • Provides centralized visibility and control over incidents
  • Ensures consistent and coordinated action
  • Leads to faster and more effective incident responses
  • Reduces the potential impact of security breaches
  • Facilitates collaboration and communication across security operations, IT and executive stakeholders
  • Offers reporting, analytics, and threat intelligence that can provide valuable insights for future security strategies

SOAR solutions with Site2 empower organizations to optimize their incident response capabilities, improve operational efficiency, and effectively combat the ever-evolving threat landscape. By automating processes, integrating tools, and enabling better collaboration, our approach to SOAR can help organizations stay proactive and resilient in the face of cybersecurity incidents. Learn more about our approach by contacting us today at 570-558-5660. 

Other Managed IT Services

Bundled with our cybersecurity assessments and managed services, like SOAR, we can also support your organization with managed IT solutions that can augment the capabilities of your internal technology resources efficiently and effectively.

Hosted Apps

Securely deploy apps in a data center and consolidate control, delivery and protection through a centralized management platform. This seamless, turnkey solution in Site2’s private cloud eliminates the need to build, test, and support storage, virtualization, and networking products.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) offers user mobility, ease of access, flexibility, and greater security. With Site2’s hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), VDI offers a solution that provides scalability to employers with growing flexible workforces and high performance at a lower cost.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a service Site2 offers to help your organization back up its data and IT infrastructure to our secure, private cloud computing environment. After a crisis like a data breach or natural disaster, we provide disaster recovery orchestration to regain access and restore functionality to your technology infrastructure.

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