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From auto parts to polymers to medical devices, today’s technologies have greatly reshaped the business model for the manufacturing sector.  As a result, manufacturers must think globally to maintain a competitive advantage.

usa-flag-vintage-backgroundThe vast majority of IT departments in the U.S. Manufacturing sector typically have no more than three or four employees.  Providing day to day operational support (fighting fires!) typically keeps this team from being able to focus on strategic improvements and growth of the organization.

At Site2, we help our manufacturing clients overcome this issue by doing the dirty jobs (like backups, security, patches & updates, monitoring) taking the burden off IT .  We are an extension of you IT departments.

Protecting trade secrets and your competitive advantage

As our name implies, information preservation and recovery is at the very core of what we do.  We help ensure that you have the right disaster recovery plan in place for you mission critical business information.

Our easy to use platform provides you with all of the controls to manage your own backups and initiate recoveries.  Alternatively, you can trust us to manage them for you.  Whatever method, whether you have 100GB or 100TB, our solutions will protect and preserve your data so that it is there when you need it.  And with 24/7 support, we are there to help you recover it after a hardware failure, human error, virus or ransomware, and even a during catastrophic event.

Production line to the delivery line

Enjoy anytime, anywhere access to your ERP, billing and workflow information with Site2’s mobility solutions.  amalgamated-quote4We host your mission critical applications on servers in our resilient enterprise class datacenters so that you can access the data using any Internet enabled devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones.  Our 100% U.S. based datacenters and support staff maintain privacy while delivering accessibility.

Talk to us

We need less than one hour of your time to present you with our expert analysis of your current technologies and no obligation proposal of our cost effective solutions aimed at:

  • Increasing your competitive edge
  • Improving your data security
  • Reducing future technology costs
  • Allowing your IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives

Schedule your free consultation today.  Our complimentary technology analysis is aimed at lowering your ongoing technology costs, increasing the security and compliance of your data and improving your business operations.

Contact one of our manufacturing consultants at 877-748-3896 ext. 5312.