Non profit / 501(c) Organizations

Don’t be left behind

Not-for-profit organizations provide tremendous value but often struggle keeping pace with tech innovation.  Not anymore.

The cloud is leveling the technology playing field providing equal access to innovation regardless of your tax status.  These technologies allow you to:

  • Increase your focus on your mission of providing needed services to targeted individuals
  • Gain tremendous exposure and additional fundraising avenues through new technologies
  • Win a huge competitive advantage over the non-profit organizations lagging in adapting to the changing mobile world

Let’s face it, the non-profit employee is not a 9-5er.

Mobility and work-life balance are key needs of the non-profit employee.  Each day is filled with a variety of challenges including:

  • Offsite at projects
  • Attending late night fundraisers
  • Needing 24x7x365 access to tools and resources

With Site2’s Hosted Email, Hosted Applications, File Sharing and Storage as well as Desktop Virtualization services, non-profit employees have access to their documents, files and programs from any device, at any time and anywhere, you can better deliver on you mission and goals.

Save as you grow

Best yet, these technology solutions reduce much of your standard IT costs.  As you grow, the IT costs are incremental.  In fact, as your private cloud provider, we take on much of the IT role delivering the latest advances in data backup/recovery, compliance and data security.  And for your data, you maintain complete control over it, no matter if it remains stored in house or in one of our U.S. based secure data centers.

Contact us to learn more about how Site2 can help you to better serve your customers while improving the efficiency of your organization.