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Privacy Policy

ONLINE POLICY – The primary purpose of the Site2 web site is to present information about the company and its services; not to collect information about potential clients. We do ask potential clients for fundamental information we believe will be helpful in promptly responding to information requests, such as name, business and e-mail addresses and telephone and fax numbers, all of which information, upon request, will be maintained as confidential information. We may utilize the information provided to send you information, whether sent through online marketing efforts, by telephone, fax or by mail, but will cease doing so upon your request as promptly as reasonably possible.

PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY – Site2 specializes in disaster recovery and business continuity services. Substantially all of the information Site2 receives from its clients is their property and/or the property of their customers. All such information is treated by Site2 as private and confidential and where applicable is managed in full compliance with industry specific requirements for confidentiality and non-disclosure, such as compliance with HIPAA regulations, and those regulations applicable to the banking, securities and other industries obligated by statute or regulations for special treatment. In furtherance of that goal, Site2 employs security procedures and safeguards that it considers appropriate for the level of information received from its clients, consistent with industry standards. Site2’s goal is to prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, ensure the appropriate use of information and use professional industry standards to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information under Site2’s care, custody and control. In addition to using client information exclusively for the client, Site2 discloses such information when required to by law, regulatory agency and/or court order. In the event Site2 utilizes third parties to perform services contracted to be performed by it, and as a result the third party has access to customer information, Site2 expects such third parties to honor Site2 privacy principles contained above and will deal only with such third parties, as it believes are committed to those principles.