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Cybersecurity solutions

At the conclusion of your cybersecurity vulnerability assessment, the Site2 team will work with you to determine the next steps for your organization to secure your network and assets from: 

      • Ransomware Attacks
      • Phishing and Social Engineering
      • Supply Chain Attacks
      • Zero-day Vulnerabilities
      • Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)
      • Internet of Things (IoT) Security Risks
      • Cloud Security Risks
      • Insider Threats
      • Mobile Security Risks
      • Data Breaches and Privacy Concerns

Each organization we work with is different and may have different needs, so we personalize our approach to developing your service package. Not only do we design your services around your operations to ensure efficient continuity of service, but we build in flexibility and scalability so that we can adapt with you as your business needs change. 

Services include the setup, configuration, and ongoing managed support for solutions like:


Cybersecurity best practices begin with the Center for Internet Security’s (CIS) Controls™ and CIS Benchmarks™.  Safeguard IT systems
against cyber threats with more than 100
configuration guidelines across more than 25 vendor product families.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

In the office or at home, remotely access your data living securely on a hosted virtual platform and not on the end client device.  Private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid cloud options can be the turn-key solution to your managed security needs.


Advanced security and compliance for unstructured data begins with a Zero Trust architecture.  Brickstor SP identifies and stops anomalous user behavior orders of magnitude faster than network based tools.


Ensure that your organization provides a strong user authentication utilizing Cisco Duo. Duo’s integration with Cisco ASA VPN provides a solid solution to providing a secure authentication mechanism while reducing the risk for data breaches and meeting compliance requirements.


DNS is a vital service that was not designed with security in mind. Webroot DNS Protection delivers highly secure, private, resilient and manageable connections to the internet. Automated filtering blocks requests to undesirable, dangerous or malicious domains.

FIPS 140-2

Data in transit or at rest should be protected equally — with government grade cryptography for hard drives, data backups, mobile devices and file transfers. 

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