Email & Collaboration

Is SPAM impacting your workforce productivity? • How about viruses and ransomware? • Are you confident that your email communications are private?

Site2 works hard 24×7 to eliminate SPAM and malware from our client mailboxes to meets their communication and productivity expectations.  Our email experts configure Anti-spam, Anti-virus and Anti-malware controls so that you don’t have to.  The result – a mailbox filled with emails you expect from your co-workers, clients and vendors.

Over 200 Billion emails are sent worldwide each day. Nearly 90% of them are SPAM or contain viruses and ransomware.

Email Encryption
Unfortunately, not everyone has Hosted email from Site2.  As a result, your employees are forced to send emails to other email providers who WILL mine your emails for marketing purposes.  It is unethical, especially for lawyers, physicians and financial advisors, to send sensitive documents to clients that have mined email accounts.  These and other privacy conscious professionals need a way to preserve client confidentiality.

Site2 provides email encryption services so that your organization has the confidence that every email gets received and reviewed only by the intended recipient.

serv_zixOur Email encryption is powered by ZixGatewayTM.  This powerful managed service interrogates every outbound email against up to 10,000 policies.  Should the email contain sensitive information, the email will automatically be encrypted.

With plans starting as low as $5.00 per mailbox per month, it’s easy to get the security and privacy you and your clients deserve.

Hosted Email Plans
Our Hosted Microsoft Exchange email plans offer mailboxes hosted on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 or 2016, and are designed to give your employees the storage, collaboration tools and security they need to perform their job effectively:

Professional Corporate Enterprise
Mailbox size (GB) 10 25 Unlimited
Personal Archive (GB) 25 50 Unlimited
Attachment Size Limit (MB) 50 50 Custom
Outlook License Additional Fee Included Included
Compliance eDiscovery & Legal Hold Included Included Included
Shared Calendar, Contacts, Folders, Groups, Notes, Tasks, Meeting Rooms Included Included Included
SPAM TITAN® Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam Included Included Included
ZixGatewayTM Policy Based Email Encryption Additional Fee Additional Fee Additional Fee
WebMail Access Included Included Included
Activesync for iPhone, Android & Windows Included Included Included
24/7 Email Support Included Included Included
24/7 Live Person Support Included Included Included
Mailbox Backup Included Included Included
Outlook (.pst/.ost) Backup Additional Fee Additional Fee Additional Fee
Resilient Environment (replicated servers) Included Included Included
Custom retention policies Included Included Included
Security features incl. HTTPS / STARTTLS Included Included Included
Active Directory password synchronization Additional Fee Included Included
Outbound Content Filtering Additional Fee Additional Fee Additional Fee


Secure File Sharing
Sharing information in this digital age has become quicker and easier than ever before.  Many tools have been created for individuals to share documents, images and audio files with others.  The popularity and low cost of these tools has resulted in a high adoption rate among consumers and business professionals alike.

However, since these accounts are provisioned by the employee, they retain access to information shared via these accounts even after they’ve left the organization, potentially resulting in security breaches and loss of intellectual property.

Organizations of all sizes need to provide their employees with a secure file sharing tool that is control and administered by the organization.  This prevents terminated employees from leaving with mission critical and proprietary information.

With Citrix ShareFile, organizations can securely share all document types – patient records, legal documents, copyrighted materials – with their intended recipients.  Audit trails document who opened (or did not open) shared documents.  Revision history is also provided so that you can ensure that the most current and up to date version of a document is being shared and reviewed.

In addition, organizations can significantly reduce the cost of overnight and same day couriers.  Legal documents can be distributed with ShareFile, and digitally signed with the RightSignature add-on.  Each sharing account has the ability to share files with an unlimited recipient list (no fees are charged to the recipients).

Plans start as low as $10.00 per sharing account per month.