Infrastructure as a Service


A virtualized and mobile workforce is core to today’s business landscape – it is not a luxury. Not only are top tier employees expecting this option from their employers but clients are expecting a level of service and commitment that only virtualized workplaces can afford.

Our virtualized core infrastructure solutions, or vCore, deliver virtual desktops, software, websites and servers to bring mobility, cost savings, improved productivity and resiliency to any workplace.

vDesktops – Imagine the flexibility of anytime, anywhere access to your workspace, without the costly computer infrastructure expenses.  Imagine the scalability needed for special projects and new hires without the investment in permanent desktops and office software.  By leveraging on-site or hosted virtualization technologies from Citrix and VMware, Site2 can provide mobility, flexibility and overall work-life balance to your employees today.

vSoftware – all of your organization’s files and business software can be hosted and accessible to your employees via virtually any device including tablets and smartphones.  All software upgrades, patches/hotfixes and backups are performed by our highly trained systems engineers.

You can choose from common business applications, such as:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Intuit QuickBooks

Or we can host the specific business tools you organization needs, such as:

  • Financial and workflow software
  • Electronic Medical Records/Practice management software
  • Legal case management software
  • Engineering/CAD software.

vWebsites – some website providers stick your website on shared servers with many, many, many other websites — some doing legitimate business, others not so much.  As a result, your website or your email might get blacklisted or become the target of brute force attacks.  Site2’s custom website hosting is provided on dedicated virtual servers for a more private and devoted hosting experience.  Key features can include regular WordPress plugin updates, security lockdown configuration, daily backups and proactive malware and file change scanning.

vServers – traditional hardware provisioning can be costly, time consuming and resource intensive. With Site2′s on-demand virtualization services portal, we will give you the tools to administer your infrastructure, which means that your business data remains yours.  Migration is easy – one server at a time as hardware reaches end-of-life.

Contact Site2 today to learn more about how virtualization can help your organization.