Small Practice

Site2 – Your Prescription Care Package.

Sole practitioners and small medical practices are rapidly moving to the cloud for storage of their EMR’s and EHR’s.

At Site2, we go beyond just cloud storage.  Our cost effective Site2 R/X Care Package provides a complete suite of bundled IT services aimed at keeping your technology costs low while maximizing your office productivity and reducing your business risk.

R/X Care Package includes:

  • Hosted Practice Management Software (NexTech, eHealth, Chiro9000, EZNotes and others)
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange – secure, HIPAA compliant email services
  • ZixGateway Email Encryption – safely share EMR’s via an encrypted email
  • Anti-SPAM & Anti-Virus Controls – keep the bugs out!
  • Hosted Office Productivity Suite (Office365, QuickBooks, and others)
  • Secure data backup and recovery — compliant encryption and archiving features
  • 100% U.S. Based Data Centers
  • 24/7/365 U.S. Based technology support

As your practice grows, we are right here to assist:

  • We can add or delete accounts within minutes
  • We handle all software upgrades, patches and maintenance
  • We monitor your data backups to ensure your recover-ability
  • Any device, anytime, anywhere access to your files

Schedule your free consultation today.  We need approximately one hour of your time to provide you with a complimentary technology analysis aimed at lowering your ongoing technology costs, increasing the security and compliancy of your data and improving your practice’s business operations.

Contact one of our healthcare advisors today at 877-748-3896 or via