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Cybersecurity monitoring & alerts

Cyber threats can emerge at any time, and immediate response is crucial to minimizing the impact of an incident. Your organization needs 24/7 security monitoring and incident response capabilities. Not only that, but you need a Security Operations Center (SOC) that monitors networks, systems, and data in real-time, detects anomalies, and responds to security incidents promptly. This round-the-clock vigilance is essential to identify and mitigate threats proactively, reducing the risk of data breaches and minimizing downtime. 

Think of Site2 as your organization’s partner Security Operations Center. We’ll take care of the 24/7 monitoring and response to cybersecurity issues as they arise.

Monitoring and

Advanced Persistent Threats (ATP) and Zero-day vulnerabilities require vigilant system monitoring and management.  Our multilayered approach includes patch management, IDS/IPS monitoring, as well as log aggregation, monitoring, and analysis.

Tracking and

Alert notifications are good.  Responding and tracking through to resolution is better.  PRTG network monitoring software alerts our SOC team so that we can help to identify system issues, when values exceed thresholds, or when a sensor status has changed.

Security Operations
Center (SOC)

A threat actor’s patience and persistence requires 24/7 security operations.  Our SOC can be your organization’s primary security monitoring and alerting operations partnering with red teams, blue teams, and triggering CSIRT activation.

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As a managed security services provider, Site2 possesses deep knowledge and experience in the field of cybersecurity, not only in addressing threats but assessing organizations so that they can proactively protect themselves before they happen. We stay updated with the latest trends, emerging threats, and best practices and our security team includes security analysts, incident responders, ethical hackers, and compliance experts. This depth of security knowledge allows us to deliver robust security strategies, implement effective controls, and respond swiftly to security incidents when your organization needs support. 

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