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Switching to a managed security services provider can feel intimidating, especially if you’re searching for a partner who understands the unique dynamics and requirements of your industry. At Site2, we have decades of experience working with a variety of private industries, as well as government entities.

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Manufacturers who contract with the Department of Defense must carry CMMC Maturity Level 1 Certification. Not only that, but industry changes demand a mindfulness of technology infrastructure and preparedness to adapt. At Site2, we’ve worked with a variety of manufacturers to meet DoD guidelines and ensure their data is protected and their technology infrastructure is future-ready. Learn more about manufacturing cybersecurity solutions.

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Today’s patients have more choices than ever when it comes to selecting providers. Privacy and ease of access to healthcare records are important factors in that decision. Healthcare organizations that actively digitize can attract and retain patients while improving satisfaction. Ensure your practice or network is future ready with flexible and secure systems that deliver the highest levels of patient care while staying compliant with HIPAA and other regulations. Learn more about healthcare cybersecurity solutions.

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Financial Services

Financial services and insurance industry professionals know the demands for growth and profitability as well as privacy and security compliance. Site2 has experience working with financial services and insurance providers of all sizes to not only secure their operations, but to also accommodate the need for running both legacy and new applications in hybrid cloud environments. Learn more about cybersecurity services for financial services and insurance providers.


Educational institutions of all sizes face similar challenges when it comes to meeting user expectations: the need for students to directly and easily access online learning management systems, to collaborate on projects in digital spaces, and to perform tasks like paying tuition bills or registering for courses. Administrators must also gain access to enrollment, student, and finance systems remotely to maintain operations. Site2 can set your campus up for success on both fronts.

Remote Workforces

Flexible work arrangements allow for organizations to attract and retain talent more effectively, yet most are unprepared to meet the needs of remote workforces. Site2 can help your company take advantage of the benefits of workplace flexibility while protecting your assets and infrastructure through virtual desktops and other managed security services.

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