Cybersecurity Services

Just as a foundation ensures the stability of a house, so do Site2’s managed cybersecurity services do for your digital infrastructure. 

We begin our partnership by examining the security controls you have — or don’t have — in place and then offer actionable steps for remedying any threats and vulnerabilities. We work with you to address known risks and build a solid computing foundation.

Once your organization is ready,  we take things a step further by securing your digital infrastructure — your network, endpoints, and applications — to safeguard them from cyber threats. We’ll implement industry best practices including patch management, information & event management, and endpoint detection and response. Then, we can establish reliable surveillance to promptly identify suspicious activities and attacks. Should any arise, we respond quickly and work to mitigate exposure. 

We can further support your organization with ongoing security awareness training as well as table top exercises and continue exercises.  We provide white glove support services to continuously protect your infrastructure with 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) and disaster recovery (DR) services with industry-leading response times. You can rest easy knowing you have a partner who is dedicated to protecting your assets from cyber threats. 

Ready to get started? Site2’s managed security services are built on a three-step framework:


New to cybersecurity? This is where you should begin. A core component of any cybersecurity program is conducting security assessments in partnership with stakeholders, vendors, integrators, and partners.  Our cybersecurity assessment can help meet compliance and due diligence goals while ensuring you have a strong organizational foundation that’s protected from cyber threats. 


Post-security assessment, it’s all about securing your infrastructure and putting solid policy in place. A successful security posture requires a plan that brings together people, processes and technology — and we can help you do that.  Our cybersecurity plans help organizations comply with strict frameworks including NIST 800-171 and HIPAA while meeting industry best practices.

Monitor & Alert

Threat actors don’t sleep.  Organizations of all sizes need a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) monitoring network and system activity for anomalies and bad actors, while also screening for false positives. Site2 supports your organization with the cybersecurity monitoring and alert systems you need to ensure operations aren’t disrupted and you can rest easy.

Boost defense, not head count

Vulnerability management begins with seeing the same threats that the world sees.  Rather than avoiding threats and errors, threat management addresses these challenges head on, before a threat actor takes advantage of them. 

No need to increase analyst hours or staff.  We investigate any alerts on your network, escalate real incidents to your attention, and help you eliminate the threat.

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