The IRS is partially closed due to the Government Shutdown.  But cyber criminals are still working over-time to steel your identify and your tax refund.  IT administrators are already reporting tax themed phishing campaigns targeting employee inboxes.  Don’t fall victim to scam emails and vishing calls.

Sample Phishing email below, pay attention to the items in red:

Here are some way to protect your company:

·         Use Two Factor Authentication – This makes it difficult for cyber criminals to access your computer based information.

·         Educate Employees – Organizations need Security Awareness Training so that employees can better recognize risks when using the web and opening their email.

·         Policies and Procedures – Need to be documented  around any request to change banking details, issuing checks or wire transfers.  Companies should have protective procedures in place including a verbal confirmation before processing these type of requests.

·         Response Plan – Have a documented plan for how your company will respond if there is a data breach or ransomware attack. 

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